Galium aparine (leaf)

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Galium aparine L.   Rubiaceae  
Standardized common name (English): cleavers

Botanical Voucher Specimen

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Galium aparine Kew barcode=K000349193.jpg
Source: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.[1]

Galium aparine Kew barcode=K000914390.jpg
Source: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.[2]

Organoleptic Characteristics

It is inodorous, and has a bitterish, herbaceous, somewhat acrid taste.

Source: United States Dispensatory (1918) [3]

Macroscopic Characteristics


Galium aparine Tropicos 79313.jpg
Leaf, lower surface
Source: MOBOT,[4]

Microscopic Characteristics

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Galium aparine (leaf) raphides Alkemist Labs.png
Idioblast containing raphides of calcium oxalate.
Source: Elan M. Sudberg, Alkemist Laboratories[5]

Galium aparine (leaf) trichome Alkemist Labs.png
Large unicellular covering trichome.
Source: Elan M. Sudberg, Alkemist Laboratories[6]

High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Identification

Supplementary Information


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