Trifolium pratense (flower)

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Trifolium pratense L.   Fabaceae  
Standardized common name (English): red clover

Botanical Voucher Specimen


Trifolium pratense Tropicos 100005641.jpg
Source: MOBOT,[1]

Organoleptic Characteristics

The odor is faintly aromatic and somewhat tea-like, the taste being sweetish, then slightly bitter.

Source: United States Dispensatory (1918) [2]

Macroscopic Characteristics

Heads are ovoid with rounded summit, mostly from 12' to 25 mm. in length and breadth, shriveled, purplish and more or less brown from drying, consisting of many small papilionaceous flowers, crowded together and clothed at the base with broad, pointed, ciliate stipules of a pale green color with darker veins and which may or may not be accompanied by diminutive trifoliate leaves. The individual flowers are from 12 to 15 mm. in length, longer than the four nearly equal teeth and shorter than the narrower fifth tooth, calyx-teeth subulate, tapering; petals united into a tube below, the standard longer than the wings, but when recurved appearing shorter; stamens diadelphous (nine and one); style slender.

Source: United States Dispensatory (1918) [3]

bottomright bottomright

PlantaPhile - 1108.jpg
Source: PlantaPhile[4]

PlantaPhile - 3038.jpg
Source: PlantaPhile[5]

Microscopic Characteristics

High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Identification

Supplementary Information


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